Ping Pong Dim Sum

On a cold winter Monday evening, another last minute happy hour choice resulted in an interesting turn of events, quality food, and good company. We ventured into south Dupont and peeked our heads into Ping Pong Dim Sum. I had heard about this place for a while but had never made it there until now. Known for Asian fusion, Ping Pong Dim Sum has more to offer than a fun name to say.

We approached the doors open mindedly, only to have our opinions change within seconds. At the entrance stood an older homeless man on crutches, who essentially couldn’t be bothered by us (or so we thought) and just needed to keep warm. He was trying to enter the restaurant, so without thinking, we held the door open for him.

As he took his time to pass us he uttered some incomprehensible words to Jacqui, catching her off guard and scaring both of us slightly. We tried to put it behind us and as we entered the restaurant, we noticed that it was empty. Turns out we were just a tad early for the happy hour rush, so this was really no problem. Anyway, we notified the first employee we saw about the loitering homeless guy and proceeded to take seats at the bar a good distance away from him.

The ambiance was really nice, albeit empty, with sophisticated background music, dimmed lights, and a real New York City feeling. I ordered a plum cocktail, which was a bit too sour than I had hoped, while Jacqui opted for the lychee. We then shared a small portion of steamed dumplings. They were some of the freshest I’ve ever tasted, and they weren’t too hot that you burn your tongue sampling them. It was really ideal.

drink 1

drink 2


While we were attempting to enjoy our happy hour experience and ask each other about our days, we couldn’t quite look away from the entrance. The head manager approached us to say he was sorry the man made us feel uncomfortable, and that they wanted to thank us for still giving them business. The manager explained that he had a soft spot for these kinds of things, so he let the homeless man warm up inside with a cup of tea.

We hope you’re not worried for us, because this is a story that ends well. A young waiter who swore and had an arm tattoo served us – we wish we got his name. He was awesome, and after talking to his manager, informed us that our drinks and dumplings would be on the house. So my drink was not amazing, but it’s fine because it was free. And that always makes a betches’ day.

Our Rating: B+

J & E


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